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"Home" - Blake Daniels
"Some Blues" - Blake Daniels
Listen to the full length record "Break the Cycle". Self written, recorded, and produced 2021.



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"His demos sound like other songwriters’ finished products, but Blake Daniels is truly just getting started..."

                                                                                                                                      - Creative Loafing Tampa

Blake Daniels is a songwriter and musician based out of St. Petersburg Florida. Influenced by Neil Young, Modest Mouse, the Kinks, Elliott Smith, and Harry Nilsson, his multi-faceted take on Indie Rock showcases a wide range of styles and moods. Blake has been crafting his unique style for years, and has emerged with his first full length L.P.- a dark and delicate collection of catchy indie rock titled "Break the Cycle". He's currently forging his second full length record, while performing live in and outside of the Tampa Bay area.



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